Stakeholder engagement

Linchpin Systems Stakeholder Engagement program is based on three assumptions:

1: Stakeholders may have insights into a project that project managers lack

2: The dynamic of the interaction between stakeholders and the project team will produce insights unavailable through any other methodology.

3: Systems methodologies provide a common language for diverse groups to examine and analyse complex problems.

Most projects, major or minor, Internal or external, normally suffer from significant price and time overruns

The causes of these overruns are many and varied but one thing is indisputable, they are usually exceptionally expensive

Linchpin Systems’ unique process uses a range of systems theories to help project managers to work with stakeholders to identify potential problems and suggest solutions.

The first stage is the analysis of critical stakeholders and the feedback nature of the value propositions.

The next stage involves engaging the key stakeholders in the process of Identifying the accuracy of the project managers value propositions.

From there, a series of systems methodologies is used to establish the dialogue between the organisation and the stakeholder groups.